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The foundation of a successful rolling mill operation is a fine tuned pass design. The pass design is created based on your specific mill layout and product requirements. Quad has improved productivity and quality simply by modifying or replacing existing pass designs.
Quad has designed and commissioned a wide range of products on a variety of mill configurations. This includes standard and special section shapes rolled on continuous, semi-continuous, reversing, 3Hi, universal, rail and rod mills. Materials rolled include carbon steels, special alloy, stainless, titanium, aluminum and other special metals.
Quad uses a scientific approach that includes developing a family tree that optimizes mill operation, reduces change time and minimizes roll inventory requirements. Simulation programs ensure the pass design will work within the limitations of the existing mill layout, mill stand & motor capabilities.
Pass Design Services to meet your specific goals:
  • Pass design analysis to identify opportunities for improvement
  • New product pass designs to increase your product range
  • R&D physical modeling of complex shapes
  • Troubleshooting of poorly performing products
  • Startup and commissioning assistance
Product Shape designs include:
  • SBQ Rounds, squares and hexagon
  • Rebar (including slitting)
  • Flats
  • Angle
  • Channel (universal & 2Hi)
  • Rail
  • Fence post and sign post
  • Universal rolling of beams including lightweight trailer beams and housing beams
  • Other special sections including track shoe, sheet pile, grader blade and other non-symmetrical shapes
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