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CourseNameDuration Fall 2017Spring 2018
QRC1Pass Design & Rolling Theory3 daysOct 23 - 25 May 14 – 16
QRC2Hands on Rolling of Rounds & Flats4 days Oct 30 – Nov 2 June 11 – 14
QRC3Hands on Rolling of Angles 4 days-- --
QRC8Hands on Rolling of Slit Rebar4 days Nov 6 - 9 June 4 – 7



Quad has been presenting specialized Operator Rolling Training since 1985. Courses have been developed to explain “why things happen”, from the Operator’s point of view. The math and science involved in rolling is explained in real terms that can be understood and used to help achieve and maintain section, resulting in higher yield and productivity.
Custom Courses at Your Plant:
  • Pass Design & Rolling Theory
  • Rolling Using R-factors
  • Operations Assessment & Operator Training Program
Courses at Quad in Toronto, Canada:
  • QRC1: Pass Design & Rolling Theory
  • QRC2: Hands-on Rolling of Rounds & Flats
  • QRC3: Hands-on Rolling of Angles
  • QRC8: Hands-on Rolling of Slit Rebar
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