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Quad can design a custom rolling course that focuses on your mill layout, product mix and pass design. The entire rolling crew participates in discussions enabling everyone to understand “why things happen” during rolling, resulting in fewer mistakes and higher productivity.
Course Objectives:
  • To help the participants develop a more in depth understanding of the fundamental principals of rolling steel
  • To address pass design methods from an Operator’s point of view
  • To develop an understanding of how to get the most out of your current mill pass design
What we discuss in Class:
  • The course focuses on current rolling issues using examples for your mill operation.
  • Getting more out of your pass design from an Operator’s point of view
  • How to set and adjust passes to make a quality product
  • Basic principles of heat transfer and how to improve roll cooling
  • Using Speed Control to help you troubleshoot rolling problems
  • Basic metallurgy for the rolling mill operator.
Who Should Attend:
  • Mill Managers, The entire rolling crew,, Maintenance, Quality Control, Engineering, Sales, Support staff.
A combination of technical presentations, work sessions and open discussion is used to effectively communicate the course material. A comprehensive textbook is included.
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