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Today’s Mill Manager needs to develop a clear vision of the mill’s future and then put in place the resources to get it done. Quad’s Operation & production Improvement Training starts with using a computerized simulation model to benchmark your current operation.
  • Identify how to improve the operation to get the most out of your existing equipment
  • Quantify the effect of any operating improvements or equipment changes
  • Develop an implementation plan that includes Operator Training
  • Develop a mill improvement plan that ensures capital spending yields the desired ROI
Production Improvement Opportunities:
  • People – are the crews working effectively and consistently. Is there too much variation between crews?
  • Process – are the pass design & setup sheets optimized to maximize TPH, yield & utilization?
  • Technology – is the equipment functioning properly (delays) & would revamping or upgrading selected equipment increase productivity. When changes are made, where will the production bottleneck move to?
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