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Quad has condensed 25 years of specialized Operator Roller Training experience into a new operator friendly computer based system that graphically shows the mill opertor how the mill is set up, allowing for:
System Objectives:
  • Safer, faster product startups
  • Reduced yield losses with fewer cobbles and off-section bars
  • Effective product troubleshooting to improve shift efficiency and long term product performance
Rolling using R-factors Benefits:
  • Safer mill environment, with reduced need to measure hot moving bars, removing the operator from the "Line of Fire"
  • Quickly identify setup errors, after the first bar is rolled
  • Compares current mill settings to the setup sheet "company Standard"
  • Allows operators to adjust stands in a proactive and timely manner, before worn passes result in a cobble
  • Ensures all crews roll a product the same way, through shift changes and from rolling to rolling .
Quad Approach:
  • Evaluate mill to develop an implementation plan, identify all setup sheet inconsistencies with the pass design & rolling operation, then train opperators both before & after the system is installed to ensure a successful result.
The Quad R-factor System is compatible with QMOS (Quad Mill Operation System) allowing for a simpler implementation and operation.
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