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Process Engineering Studies


Many aspects of the melt shop operation require detailed analysis in order to truly understand the root cause of problems, and thus the correct design solutions. Quad has developed a range of special engineering services to meet the equipment design and failure analysis requirements of a modern maintenance program. Rather than just replacing broken parts, computerized analysis can result in the re-engineering of components to prevent future machine failures. Process analysis may indicate process changes to improve production and reliability, thus eliminating the root cause of problems.
Process Engineering Studies are customized to meet specific goals:
  • Stress and failure analysis of all machine components using FEA tools
  • Thermal analysis of ducts, off-gas temperature modeling
  • Modern process control algorithms for off-gas control systems and baghouses
  • Modeling and optimization of scrap handling, alloy addition and dedusting systems for EAF and LMF
  • Defect analysis and equipment troubleshooting
  • Development of engineering & special purpose software
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